Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Perfect Grey Polish

dior palais royal

When the fall season came upon us, I wanted to paint my nails with a grey colour, but then I realized I didn't have one! So, I set out to find the perfect shade of grey for my nails. I didn't want a shade that was too light or too dark, but also looked good with my yellow-olive skintone. I was trying to figure out what brand to buy from for this perfect grey shade, then I thought, why not look at what Dior offers, since Dior makes my favourite formula, brush and packaging.

I quickly went onto the Sephora site to look at what grey shades Dior has. Palais Royal seemed to be the one I liked the most, but I was a little disappointed at the somewhat brown undertone that it had in the picture. I ordered it anyway hoping that it wasn't as brown as I was thinking it would be.

Once the nail polish arrived, I was relieved and happy to see that it truly was a grey shade that fit what I was looking for. I tried it right away and this polish has the wonderful formula, and wide and rounded brush that I love.

As I was photographing this nail polish for this post, I found that it did look different in various lights. Depending on the lighting, it'll look like a true grey, or a light purple-y grey, or a grey with some light brown undertones. I managed to get pictures of the grey and light purple-y grey looks, but couldn't seem to capture the light brown undertone with the lighting in the room I was taking pictures in.

dior palais royal swatch

dior palais royal swatch

I absolutely love this nail polish! It'll be a shade I'll be wearing straight through fall and winter. 

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