Thursday, March 05, 2015

Review: Bioderma Sensibio Facial Wipes

bioderma sensibio h2o facial wipes

Facial wipes are always a controversy. We have those that swear by them and those that say you shouldn't use them. I'm still on the fence whether they belong in one's makeup removal routine. So, let's get onto today's review of the Bioderma SensiBio facial wipes to see if they changed my mind!

I'm already a huge fan of the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water, so it would only be natural for me to try out the cleansing wipes. This is essentially a facial wipe that's been soaked in the famous Bioderma Sensibio micellar water. It's the size of a typical facial wipe and made of a pretty thick but sturdy material. It's soft on the skin, but there is a slight fragrance to these cloths. So, if you have sensitive skin, the fragrance might be a potential irritant.

But how well did these wipes work?

I found that even though the wipes are saturated with the micellar water, they felt a little dry. However, the wipes do have texture to them which helps in removing makeup. They did remove a decent amount of makeup, but my face still felt like there was a layer of makeup remaining. For testing purposes, I used a cotton pad with some of the Bioderma micellar water to see how much makeup was left on my face. There was still a lot remaining.

Waterproof makeup? These wipes did nothing in removing waterproof makeup. My waterproof mascara and eyeliner did not budge. I had to use an actual eye makeup remover afterwards to get it off.

All in all, I think there are much better facial cleansing wipes out there and I much prefer using the liquid version of Bioderma.

You can find this at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall for $14.95. Each pack comes with 25 wipes.

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