Saturday, April 18, 2015

Finding the Ultimate Brow Product: Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-PRO in Brunette

Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-PRO Brunette

I'm back with another brow product that I've been testing out. If you're new to this series, I'm trying out a bunch of different brow products that find the perfect one for me. To recap, I'm looking for an all-in-one product - products that don't require me to have the brow filler itself and an additional tool.

So far, I've reviewed the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, Anastasia Brow Wiz and Benefit Gimme Brow. You can see I haven't tried out any brow powder or pomades, since I'm pretty sure I will mess up the application and it requires me to get a brush to use them.

Today, I will be reviewing a drugstore option, the Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-PRO. This was actually recommended to me by Jordana since I liked the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil.

This Marcelle eyebrow pencil comes in 3 different shades, of which I chose Brunette, since the Dark shade looked a little too dark for my liking. As the name suggests, it is a double sided eyebrow pencil, with the pencil on one side and a lightly tinted gel on the other.

Much like the Hourglass pencil, this also has an angled wedge-shaped pencil, but the comparison stops there. Unlike the Hourglass pencil, I found it to be noticeably softer and less waxy. This made it easy to go a little overboard in filling the brows if you used too much pressure in applying the pigment. Since this formula isn't that waxy, it didn't help with keeping the brow hairs in place - but I guess that's why there's the tinted gel.

As for the gel, it's only lightly tinted, so it won't give much colour to the brows. I tried out the gel over the pencil and on its own. Both times, I wasn't very pleased with the results. The gel left my brow hairs feeling tight and crunchy without really setting the hairs in place. When I used it on its own, I could see a tiny bit of colour, but only if I used a lot.

Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-PRO Brunette swatches

The colour match of the Brunette shade is ok. Looking back, I should have gotten the Dark shade. On me, I had to make sure I didn't put too much of the pigment on the front of my brows, or else my brows would appear much too light to match my hair colour. So, for now, I mostly only fill in the sparse areas in the middle and tail end of my brows with light strokes. For the front, I just draw a faint line at the roots, then blend it out with my finger to help it look fuller.

Which brings me to my biggest problem with this brow pencil. It doesn't come with a spoolie! How am I supposed to blend out the pigment that I've applied? I've actually been using my fingers to blend it out since I don't actually have a separate spoolie I can use. Or sometimes, I use the spoolie from my Hourglass brow pencil or the Anastasia Brow Wiz. So, if you can't tell, I would rather have a spoolie than the tinted brow gel.

Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-PRO Brunette brow comparison

Overall, I don't really like this brow pencil. Perhaps I've already been spoiled by the higher end options, but if you're on a budget, this would suffice. I will use up the rest of the pencil, but will happily move on to other brow products on the market.

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