Monday, October 20, 2014

Beauty Bag Bonus

bag and beauty samples

Shoppers Drug Mart is currently holding a promotion for a limited time on their cosmetics, fragrances, and skincare. If you spend $125 or more, before tax, you will receive a free bag filled with a bunch of samples. Included in the bag is a booklet that has a blurb about each sample offered and a coupon you can use on your next purchase.

It's not hard to spend $125 on cosmetics, fragrances, and skincare, especially if you are looking to purchase high-end products. I would suggest visiting the Eaton Centre or Bayview Village locations, if you're looking for these high-end products! These are the only two locations that I know of in Toronto that carry Chanel - which gave me a perfectly good excuse to try a product I've had my eye on for the last little while.

This promotion ends October 24, so go to a Shoppers Drug Mart soon to take advantage of this promotion!


  1. That is a MOTHERLAND of samples!!! I still enjoy samples, but with the amount of products I have in the house, I try not to accumulate too many that I don't desperately want to try. They're definitely great for trips though! I also see a couple of mini lipsticks in there, and I LOVE those! I make an exception of holding onto minis even if I don't like the colors, because they're too cute :)

    1. I love getting samples! Might just be the happiness that comes from getting free things, but I'm a hoarder of everything. I definitely need to start using up samples or purging ones I won't use.


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