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This post contains PR samples

THEFACESHOP sheet masks

I was recently sent three sheet masks from THEFACESHOP to try out. Now, I'm already familiar with the brand and have tried a couple of their other sheet masks in the past. But, the ones I was sent were all new to me.

I love that the THEFACESHOP is popping up in many locations which makes Asian skincare more accessible to the Western market. I remember when Pacific Mall and T&T grocery stores were the best places to find sheet masks, but now you can get a whole range of them at THEFACESHOP in many of the bigger malls.

Of the many sheet masks that THEFACESHOP offers, I was sent the Real Nature Face Mask Honey, Real Nature Face Mask Mung Bean, and Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Vita B.

Real Nature Face Mask Honey* ($2):
This mask claims to leave the skin moisturised and radiant after being used and letting the serum soak in. Due to the honey extract, with its nourishing properties, it's supposed to reveal younger looking, invigorated skin.

Verdict: I really liked this mask! My skin felt so smooth, plump and soothed after using it. It did look a bit more radiant the next day, moreso than just using the products in my daily skincare routine. Like the other sheet masks that I've tried from THEFACESHOP, this one came soaked in serum. I like to squeeze out a little bit of the excess serum before putting it on my face. I find it makes it easier to stay on my face and for my skin to be able to absorb the serum without having excess sitting on top of the skin.

Real Nature Face Mask Mung Bean* ($2):
Another one of THEFACESHOP's fabric sheet masks, this one contains essence of ground mung bean to eliminate impurities that clog pores, while also smoothing the skin and leaving it clear and radiant.

Verdict: This felt nice on the skin and was a good way of injecting some moisture into the skin, but I don't think it helped with clearing out my pores. I prefer to use a clay mask when my pores are feeling clogged, or even a pore strip. Whether this mask purified my skin or not, I'm not entirely sure. My skin did look a bit clearer and scars were tiny bit lighter, but that could've easily been the combination of scar fading and lightening products I use. Just like the honey face mask and the other sheet masks I've tried, I had to squeeze out a little of the excess serum or else it would drip down my neck and everywhere.

Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Vita B* ($3):
Part of the Hydro Gel Mask range, this mask contains starfruit extract and vitamin B derivatives to nourish and soothe the skin. The skin is supposed to look luminous and feel silky soft after being used. 

Verdict: This post came in two halves, with each half protected in a plastic covering. Unlike the above two masks, this mask is more of a gel/soft plastic mask, rather than fabric. I found it was hard to line up the halves, with the top half being too big for me (or my forehead's just tiny) and the bottom half too small (couldn't wrap around my jawline). After using the mask, it left a sticky residue on my face, but my skin did feel and look plumper. Again, it's probably because of the added moisture from the serum and having the mask on my face for about 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, I didn't see much of a difference.

All in all, I really do enjoy using THEFACESHOP's sheet masks and think the prices for them are pretty good. If you want extra moisture and hydration in your skin, you can't go wrong with any of their masks. Personally, I would stick to the fabric sheet masks mostly because they're cheaper and I feel like they work better than the hydro gel range of masks.

Disclosure: The products included in this post were sent to me for consideration. I am not affiliated with the company and am not being paid for this post. Opinions expressed are based on my own personal experiences with the products. 

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