Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Samples Challenge Update #6

What? New posts two days in a row? This week, my goal is to post everyday. Hopefully you'll enjoy all that I have to write about!

used skincare samples

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation: One of my favourite moisturisers that I use as part of my evening skincare routine. It's an oil-free moisturiser that's light on the skin, but works well to hydrate the skin. I don't know if using this alone helps with lightening up scars and hyperpigmentation, but combined with other brightening and lightening products, it works. I used this sample up when I did a mini staycation for my friend's bachelorette party.
Purchase: Yes 

Origins Planscription Anti-aging Power Serum: I really liked this serum! Considering this is an anti-aging serum, it's not too thick or heavy. I woke up with super plump skin the morning after, however I couldn't see any other visible differences since this one sample gave me about 2 uses.
Purchase: Yes

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate: I've been wanting to try out this serum for a long time! For some reason, I didn't expect this to be an oil, despite all the reviews I've read about it. It took me a few times to adjust to using an oil, rather than a serum. I'm not used to using oils on my skin. But I loved the effects of this concentrate. My skin always looked better the morning after and felt so much smoother and plump.
Purchase: Yes

Lancome City Miracle CC Cream - 02 Peau de Peche: I didn't have any expectations for this, but I was hoping it would work well for me. It is quite a light and easy-to-blend formula with SPF 50, but those are the only good things. Now for what I disliked - it's heavily fragranced and this is technically the medium shade but it is very dark and ridiculously orange for what it is. This also didn't last very long on my skin.
Purchase: No

Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector: I used up 6 of these samples and got most of them from a wedding convention. I used this as sort of a serum before my daytime moisturiser. I did find it helped give some luminosity to my skin, but I don't think it did anything to even out my skintone or lighten up any of my scars and hyperpigmentation. The finish of this product is like a primer, so I think it would be appropriate to use this after your moisturiser. Even after using up 6 samples of this, I'm not convinced of all the claims it has.
Purchase: No

We're now up to a total of 53 samples! I'm quite excited to see the final number at the end of this year!

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