Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review: Chanel Fall 2015 Entrelacs Palette

Chanel Fall 2015 Entrelacs Palette

Fall is my favourite season out of the four, but I'm not all that ready to let go of summer yet. That is, until I saw how gorgeous the palette Chanel released for this fall season is! I've always wanted to own a Chanel palette, but didn't see one where I love all of the shades. The Entrelacs palette is very much me in a palette (if that's even a thing).

The Entrelacs palette includes a combination of matte and satin neutral eyeshadows that are embossed with the design that inspired the double-C Chanel logo. It's so beautiful that I don't want to use the eyeshadows just to keep the embossing intact. 

There have been so many neutral brown eyeshadow palettes that have been released, but this is the first palette that I've seen where I truly know what to do with each shade. The palette contains a good range of light to dark shades, so it's easy to create both day and night looks. The shadows are soft and buttery and blend out easily. Some of the shades do have very subtle micro-shimmers to give a pearly finish.

Chanel Fall 2015 Entrelacs Palette closeup

The palette features 5 neutral shades that have been thoughtfully put together:
-Light shimmery white gold, perfect for the inner corner highlight and on the browbone 
-Light medium brown with warm undertones and matte finish, best for the crease and as a base shade
-Medium-dark brown with warm undertones and subtle golden shimmer, can be used as an all-over shade or to add depth to the outer-v
-Dark taupe brown with cool undertones, sparse gold shimmer and satin-to-matte finish, best for the outer corner 
-Light shimmery golden peach with a sheer finish, great for patting over the other shades as a finishing touch

Chanel Fall 2015 Entrelacs Palette swatches

These shadows aren't the most pigmented ones out there and I don't think that was the intention. They give more of a subtle look, but they are buildable to a certain extent. 

The Entrelacs palette is an extremely beautiful palette that will work for anyone. It's definitely not a must-have if you already own some brown neutral palettes, but for the collector and those obsessed with makeup, you need this!

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