Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review: Shu Uemura Petal Lash Mascara

shu uemura petal lash mascara
shu uemura petal lash mascaraI'm always on the hunt for a good mascara that works on my stick straight lashes that doesn't smudge on me. I've only found a few mascaras that have actually kept my lashes curled without smudging. My most recent discovery is the Shu Uemura Petal Lash Mascara. This was released last year and has since received a lot of rave reviews. 

This mascara comes with a curved plastic wand that isn't too big or long. The curved wand helps to coat all of the lashes, including those pesky little ones in the inner corner. Because the wand isn't too big or long, those with smaller eyes will really like this mascara wand. 

The formula is pretty spot on. It has an extremely black pigmentation and leaves the lashes feeling soft. It helps lift and lengthen my lashes while keeping the curl, yet they look natural throughout the day. As well, the combination of the wand and the formula allows the lashes to be separated, with no clumping at all. By the end of a workday, my lashes have dropped a bit of the curl, but have kept most of the curl. 

The best part about this mascara is how lightweight it is. There are many mascaras I've tried, where the formula has felt heavy on my lashes and I'm constantly reminded that I'm wearing mascara. With this mascara, I can go about my day sometimes forgetting that I've applied mascara. Also, because this mascara is long-wearing, it can be a pain in the butt to remove at night. It's not waterproof, but it might as well be! I have to use a good eye makeup remover and cleansing balm to get this stuff off! 

If you're in the market for a natural looking, long lasting mascara, give this one a try!

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